PSM Fundraising Program for Organizations


b1Image All things being equal, they often are not. In these economic times, it becomes more difficult for all but the social elite to have the opportunity to succeed in competitive sports. As one of the most powerful consumer markets in the world, we have the ability to level the playing field and allow all of our most talented athletes to advance and represent the USA no matter what their financial status. PSM has developed a marketing program that will drive consumers to the businesses that support this cause and allow them to develop a loyal base of customers for the same cost as traditional marketing.

We will be selling a discount card with a website presence that will, when used at participating merchants and service providers, gives the consumer 5% cash back on all purchases and also provide 5% cash back to PSM (for a total of 10%) to provide medical care support for economically disadvantaged athletes. This provides a win, win, win situation for all parties involved. The consumer gets a great deal, businesses receive a loyal base of customers for an affordable marketing cost, and the majority of profits go to providing greatly needed medical services for talented athletes who could otherwise be able to obtain. PSM is not a charity.

It is simply a business model. A model that is sustainable and beneficial to all involved and gives our valuable youth a chance to strive for excellence. Giving them the confidence, skills and drive to succeed for the rest of their lives is our highest priority. Businesses who invest in “marketing for a cause” will have the opportunity to benefit from a lifetime of loyalty and reputation of supporting excellence in our youth.

Be a positive part in our children’s future.

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