Pro Level One on One Physical Therapy

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Q: How can Sherine Reno, MD and Performance Sports Medicine help me? 

A: As a former professional dancer and choreographer prior to medical school, she was responsible for training dancers, gymnasts, actors and stuntmen. She rose to the level of being cast for Broadway Tours and choreographing for Pulitzer Prize winning playwrite. She understands the biomechanics of how the body must work, the physics of forces the body must accomplish to perform individual sports activities. She has combined this with knowledge gained in attending Baylor College of Medicine considered a top 10 medical school. She brings this level of expertise to the treatment of athletes in the DFW area.

Q: Why One on One Therapy?

A: Most therapy is done by protocols which works fine for most injuries. That normally allows for a therapist to work with several patients at once, which is the norm for America. Treatment exercises are taught to the patient and the therapist evaluates the patient each visit to see if they need new or upgraded exercises. An Athlete normally requires a higher level of treatment than can be done in a group. They have higher skill and coordination requirements than the non athletic population. It is the increased physical demands that require one on one treatment. The treating practitioner may need to do massage, strength training to maintain base conditioning as well as traditional treatment. For an athlete you can not just focus on the injured area you need to maintain the rest of the body as well. Maintaining the whole athlete decreases the time it takes to return to sport significantly since you don’t lose muscle mass or cardio during treatment programs of 4 to 12 weeks.

Q. What treatments are available?

Physical Therapy
Massage Therapy
Strength Training
Cold Laser
Russian Stim