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Non-Surgical Sports Doctor

Q: What is a Non-Surgical Sports Doctor?

A: It is a PM&R Doctor.

Q: What is a PM&R Doctor?

A: It is Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician. It is cross between a orthopedic surgeon, a neurologist, an ER Physician, and an anesthesiologist . This unique specialty was created during world war II in order to manage all aspects of battlefield injuries except surgery. They were the Triage Doctor that managed the intake and directed care of battlefield patients with musculoskeletal injury, nerve, spinal cord or brain injury. They managed all aspects of care unless surgery was needed. If it was , they managed post operative care and post operative rehabilitation.

Q. How does this benefit athletes with sports injuries?

A. PM&R physician’s training is especially suited to diagnose and treat athletic injuries that are musculoskeletal in nature. This requires non-surgical orthopedic diagnosis and care. Athletic injuries can also include peripheral nerve injury, and rarely brain or spinal cord injury. This is also included in their training. This makes them well suited to provide care to injured athletes.

Q. What if you need surgery?

A: If you have not improved after all appropriate diagnostic studies have been obtained, conservative therapy and interventions have been performed, and you have a surgically correctible condition, a surgical referral will be made. (Do remember that there are some conditions that surgery is the first and most appropriate option. ) So if you do require surgery, we are able to arrange evaluation by some of the best sports surgeons in the DFW area, normally within a few days. This includes many of the surgeons who treat our professional teams. After your surgery, we provide 1 on 1 physician directed therapy to make sure you have the most optimum recovery possible.

Q: How can Sherine Reno, MD and Performance Sports Medicine help me?

A: As a former professional dancer and choreographer prior to medical school, she was responsible for training dancers, gymnasts, actors and stuntmen. She rose to the level of being cast for Broadway Tours and choreographing for Pulitzer Prize winning playwrite. She understands the biomechanics of how the body must work, the physics of forces the body must accomplish to perform individual sports activities. She has combined this with knowledge gained in attending Baylor College of Medicine considered a top 10 medical school. She brings this level of expertise to the treatment of athletes in the DFW area.